In the galactic chaos of our world, every now and then islands of order and beauty emerge - usually they disappear unnoticed, unless you come along and snatch them out of the merciless stream of time.

"In dieser Zone des Innehaltens oder Verweilens entsteht aber nicht das Staunen allein, auch das Urteil bildet sich hier, als eine Reflexion des Augenscheins, ein Begrifflich-Werden des Impulsiven." - Roger Willemsen

"What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see." - Jean Piaget


'80s - first slr - photography special interest group @school
'90s - other stuff
'00s - first dslr - hooked again
'10s - various workshops with guys like Roger Ballen, Joel Meyerowitz and Todd Hido

'20s - we'll SEE
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